Rewind: The tape deck experience. Live in Beijing. April, 2010.

Stage set-up for jrg_one performance at 2 Kolegas. 3 April, 2010.

For the first post on Hanoise I reach back to noise made in my previous city, Beijing. Here is a full recording of a performance which involved the use of three cassette tape decks and a whole host of other gear, a live violinist, a live video projectionist and various recordings of writings by H.P. Lovecraft, Aleister Crowley and a 5-year-old girl talking about dreams.

Reverse Polarity live performance at 2 Kolegas, Beijing, China. 3 April, 2010. Performers: jrg_one, Arrows Made of Desire, Kodiak Island, , Richard Todd.

This show was part of a concert featuring four different performers/groups who had released music on a limited-edition cassette tape series on Tag Team Records in 2010 called Reverse Polarity. The first tape in the series was Slim Charles vs. Carl Sagan by jrg_one, the entirety of which is available here.

The quality of this live performance recording is generally good, although unfortunately there are a couple of moments where the soundboard patch went wonky and signals rise, fall and cut out here and there. Here are the full gig details as listed on jrg_one’s SoundCloud page:

Performing live as jrg_one at 2 Kolegas with 3 tape decks and radios, 20 prepared cassette tapes, two mixers, a laptop, several soft synths, a noise box and two microphones connected to loopers and delay pedals. Fun. It may not float your boat, but how the hell did you even get here if you weren’t looking for this kind of music?

Live violin by Amy Gardner.
Live visualizations by Lennox Meldrum.
Whiskey provided by 2 Kolegas.

Video of the entire gig will be posted on YouTube one of these days.

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