Intriguing line-up to line up this Thursday at CAMA ATK.

Luong Hue Trinh.

CAMA ATK’s mission to put together nights of intriguing experimental music continues this week with a quadruple bill that spans four very different approaches to out-(t)here sounds.

Luong Hue Trinh, who from what I’m gathering doesn’t perform very often, headlines. This is her second performance within a month (having played at last month’s Musick to Play in the Dark at Hanoi Rock City along with myself and others), so maybe she’s going on a bit of a tear with more frequent live performances? One can hope, as her combination of soundscapes, varied instrumentation and field recordings is quite a pleasant experience to get lost in.

Also on the bill this evening is Josh Kopeček, who bends, twists and warps circuits from household electronic objects; Jim Goodman, an American whose history with Vietnam stretches back to the days of the American war when he was drafted and became a conscientious objector, playing the dan bau (a traditional Vietnamese instrument which I’ve always loved and reminds me a fair bit of an analog version of a theremin); and DJ Sebastien Gesell, who also spun his unique set at Musick to Play in the Dark last month and appears regularly at HRC and elsewhere.

It all goes down on Thursday, 22 November, starting at 8pm at CAMA ATK. My only snag? I’m attending a U.S. Thanksgiving dinner at 6pm, so I’m hoping that I’m not too entrenched in the depths of a catatonic food coma to make it out for this. Actually, hearing this music on a seriously full stomach actually sounds just about right. Hoping to make it, but if I don’t, you should. Best of all, the entire gig costs only the price of a taxi/bus/motorbike/bicycle ride there!

Final note: I will be performing at CAMA ATK the following Thursday (29 Nov) as part of Vu Nhat Tan’s experimental music night. Stay tuned.

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