The Long Count broadcasts from the past and foretells of the opening of the cosmos on 21 December, 2012. And with the opening of the cosmos, we shall all become the cosmos, and the cosmos shall fold in on itself and crack asunder and spill forth a new and beautiful cosmos radiating outwards through which all things shine. Or maybe not. Either way, you can be there to witness it all go down at Hanoi Rock City.

I am the Cosmos.

I am the Cosmos.


Live Performances: ISLAJA / FM3 / JRG_ONE

Film Screening: PANDORA (dir – ALEXIS DESTOOP / music – OREN AMBARCHI) / The Experimental Films of DALIBOR BARIC

21-12-12 / 20:00
Hanoi Rock City / 27/52 To Ngoc Van
Tickets: 100k VND available at doors


“Islaja’s spectral sound suggests pathways to other worlds, [..] displaying a disquieting combination of innocence and fearlessness, and a seemingly innate ability to transcend the confines of a genre.”

Hailing from Helsinki, ISLAJA is one of the most well-known names of the ‘New Weird Finland’ movement. Her music utilizes a vast array of sound elements, combining Northern European forest mystique, folk music, psychedelia, electronics and drone-like textures with a uniquely enchanting voice breathing icy Finnish poetry – all wrapped in an intimate lo-fi aesthetic. It is no surprise to hear about her reputation as an ‘acid folk version of Bjork’ – though Islaja certainly sounds like no one else. Since 2004, Islaja has released 5 full lengths that all went on to charm critics and audience alike. Recent touring activities saw her taking on a full UK headline tour, playing the cult-ish Supersonic Festival and London’s Café OTO (as well as picked by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore for the ATP he curated in 2006); she has also shared the stage with many of her kindred spirits, from Deaf Center, Low, Animal Collective, Lucky Dragons, to fellow Finnish occultists Fursaxa, Lau Nau, Hexvessel etc



FM3 is the duo of Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian – widely recognized as the pioneers of electronic music in China. Together they make Zen-like meditative ‘poetic noise’ music mixing Chinese traditional sounds with modern digital techniques. Christiaan and Zhang are also the creators of Buddha Machine, the famous loop player / sound generator series much loved and praised by the likes of Brian Eno, David Byrne and electronic music enthusiasts worldwide. In 2009, FM3 collaborated with industrial legend Throbbing Gristle on an exclusive version of the Buddha Machine named ‘Gristleism’. Christiaan Virant recently released a solo album entitled ‘Fistful of Buddha’, continuing his exploration of Zen-like ambient music.



JRG_ONE’s debut Hanoi live appearance at The Onion Cellar’s Musick to Play in the Dark saw his woven sonic textures crafting a delicate (yet equally haunting) take on experimental music. His music makes use of prepared samples, field recordings, synth tones and sequences, live vocal looping and other sound sources. These elements are combined to create soundscapes that alternate between dark ambient drones and waves of ghostly, ethereal beauty, all set to a visual backdrop of slowly decaying analog videotape. Not unlike the sound design of a David Lynch movie.



ALEXIS DESTOOP’S PANDORA begins where the classical myth of Pandora ends: after the opening of the box, after evil has spread throughout the world. Awakening in an abandoned house, a woman finds her way from a locked garden to an altered landscape. The film leads the viewer into a labyrinth in which time seems to be an insoluble mystery and evil is portrayed by the silent desperation and contained fear in a world with frayed edges, marked by decay and abandonment. Featuring a mesmerizing score from the renowned Australian experimentalist OREN AMBARCHI to accompany the equally mesmerizing cinematography.

Alexis Destoop’s work forms an ongoing investigation into the workings of the image. His multi-layered constructions in photography, installation and film examine the component elements of storytelling, the experience of time and the processes of identification and memory. Appropriating visual archetypes and genre conventions, his work questions, reconfigures and short-circuits the meanings associated with them. His practice originates from photography and is influenced by his experience in the performing arts as well as his studies in philosophy. He often works collaboratively, involving writers, performers and musicians.



DALIBOR BARIC is an experimental filmmaker living and working in Zagreb, Croatia. He makes short films out of ectoplasmic sensations enfolded in discarded, feeble snake skin of fashion magazines. A voyeur of reality, who uses film as a rearview mirror and reality as the ultimate public domain film. His films are influenced by vintage images and popular culture as much as by hallucinations, psychedelic influences and surreal juxtapositions. Dalibor’s works have appeared at prestigious multi-arts festival such as Transmediale or European Media Art Festival. The Onion Cellar is very excited to introduce the premiere of his fascinating short films in Vietnam.


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