A Hanoi City Symphony Saturday. Kangding Ray Sunday.

The Onion Cellar: making us cry with joy.

The Onion Cellar: making us cry with joy.

This weekend our fair city is graced two audio and visual events which will creep through your visual sensor organ balls and burrow deep into your auditory crevices and meet up for a drink deep in a frontal lobe fold. Both feature a healthy and exciting cross section of Hanoi’s underground arts scene along with a foreign luminary or two.

First up is a screening presented by Hanoi DocLab at the Goethe-Institute Saturday evening featuring the fruits of 18 local filmmakers’ labor during Echo Park Film Center’s visit to Hanoi last month. “The Sound We See: A Hanoi City Symphony” is a visual journey into the heart of Hanoi’s urban pulse. The entire project was filmed with Super 8mm film cameras for grainy goodness. The final film is accompanied by a live score performed by Luong Hue Trinh and Tri Minh (and maybe some others). Based on this description alone this is a can’t miss event.

Twenty-four hours later our friends at The Onion Cellar continue with their forward-thinking, challenging and immensely satisfying series of music and visual events with a live performance at HRC by Kangding Ray. The raster-noton guru comes to Vietnam for his first show and is provided more than ample warm-up by an exciting line-up of left field electronic artists in Hanoi: Sebastien Gesell / Josh Kopecek / BlipBlop / Dirty Fingrz / Tungdo. This is also a must-see event. This is basically a must-see weekend.

Onto the dispatches from said interested parties providing the ins, outs and what have yous:

The Sound We See.

The Sound We See.

Film screening “The Sound We See: A Hanoi City Symphony” with live musical accompaniment                                                               

7pm, Saturday, January 19th 2013 in the Goethe-Institute Courtyard

The Sound We See: A Hanoi City Symphony is a cinematic exploration of the dynamic urban environment of Vietnam’s capital. Please join us for the world premiere of this new film made in partnership with Hanoi DocLab and the Echo Park Film Center (EPFC), a non-profit media arts organization based in Los Angeles.

For the past month, 18 local filmmakers worked together to document the rhythm and movement of daily life in Hanoi from their unique perspectives. Dividing the day into its two-dozen hours, participants shot locations they felt best represented the city at each particular time of day and night with each hour becoming one minute in the final film. The result is a spectacular 24-minute journey through Hanoi as it has never before been experienced.

A Hanoi City Symphony.

A Hanoi City Symphony.

Shot on black and white Super 8 motion picture film and hand-processed by the filmmakers on-site at DocLab, The Sound We See: A Hanoi City Symphony is a truly do-it-yourself production that references the classic cinema of Walter Ruttman’s 1927 masterpiece Berlin: Symphony Of A Great Citywhile exploring new approaches to collaborative creative process and celebrating the energy and possibility of 21st century Hanoi.

The screening will be accompanied by a live score composed specifically for the film by local musicians Luong Hue Trinh, Tri Minh and friends.

The project was made possible by Hanoi Doclab, EPFC, and Goethe-Institut Hanoi. Free event, everyone welcome.

Kangding Ray

20 Jan 2013, 7 pm

Hanoi Rock City

From the Onion Cellar:

The Onion Cellar proudly presents the first ever Kangding Ray concert in Vietnam.

Kangding Ray / Sebastien Gesell / Josh Kopecek / BlipBlop / Dirty Fingrz / Tungdo



A very special evening that will take the audience straight to the meeting point of club culture and avant-garde, featuring an international world-class artist and Hanoi-based well-known musicians and DJs. Through Kangding Ray, Hanoi audience will be introduced to some of the most ground-breaking contemporary electronic sounds that are as innovative as danceable, and currently being much loved and appreciated in cultural hospitals of the world (the likes of Berlin, London, Paris, New York).

Influenced by his surroundings (Berlin – famous for its vibrant and adventurous arts scene) and a wide variety of other musical palettes from rock, pop to jazz, Kangding Ray’s music is uniquely situated at the crossroads of digitality and sensitivity. His compositions demonstrate a combination of melodies and machine sounds, integrating guitar loops, massive bass lines, residual noise, acoustic instruments, field recordings and digital anomalies, blending techno grooves with dark textures. Slowly evolving, his live performances are known for intense moments of musical experimentations, completed by intricate sampling of voices and different instrument layers.

Together with his friends from the legendary German label Raster-noton (home to the likes of Alva Noto, Ryoji Ikeda, Byetone, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and others), Kangding Ray has been extensively performing everywhere, from dance clubs to the most prestigious festivals dedicated to alternative arts and culture (London Alphaville, Berlin CTM etc). The Hanoi date on January 20 is part of his 2013 Asia tour covering Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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