Upon reflection: Experimen.TET.

Experimen.TET at Hanoi Rock City. 15 February, 2013.

Experimen.TET at Hanoi Rock City. 15 February, 2013.

Our friends at Hanoi Rock City brought in the Year of the Snake with its annual Experimen.TET evening on Friday, 15 February, featuring live performances by five Hanoi-based artists. A contemplative, low key vibe was set by switching the entrance to the Red Room accessible via the bridge and having candles and chairs circling the performers’ table set up in front of the stage. A perfect end to a quiet week in the virtually abandoned city.

Sebastien Gesell started the evening off with a set that effectively mixed ambient and more driving pieces, encapsulating within his 30-minute performance a sampling of the variety to come later in the evening. Dan Henneberry sans guitar built beautiful layers of fuzzed-out synth sounds using a small, circuit-bent keyboard filtered through several pedals that enveloped the room in warm, spacey tones. A definitely highlight. DEEF‘s set effectively combined a wide variety of samples and multi-layered beat constructions in addition to deft use of the speech function on his MacBook. DEEF brought the most up-tempo set of the evening to the table by far, a nice contrast from the more left-field sounds before and after. Luong Hue Trinh performed an intricately layered soundscape combining field recordings and other elements (or at least it was new to my ears…there were recordings I don’t believe I’ve heard in her sets previously) that conjured up a host of images in the mind’s eye. jrg_one closed out the evening with a set featuring a mix of analog elements (including a looped air raid siren, a thunder noise maker, vocal looping, throat singing and a host of FM3 Buddha Machines and one Gristleism for good measure) combined with a variety of synth tones and dark ambience.

Gracias to Sebastien and Lizo for allowing me to post their photos of the evening.

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