Invisible Lines: ARCN TEMPL + Chöd + jrg_one.

ARCN TEMPL + Chöd + jrg_one

If it weren’t for the white drawstring coming out of my hoodie and giving my body some semblance of substance, I would look like a head-shaped growth protruding out of Vivian Wang’s right shoulder.

ARCN TEMPL and Chöd played at Hanoi Rock City last week as they finished out their tour of Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam before heading back to their home of Singapore. jrg_one performed a solo set and Dan Henneberry performed a collaborative improv piece with David Payne and Brett Zwieman. At the end of Chöd’s set (featuring Dharma and Shaun creating a droning, meditative and heavy set not unlike OM), Vivian and Leslie from ARCN TEMPL and I hopped on stage and did an improv collaborative jam for 15 minutes or so. We made a beautiful noise. It was way too short. I felt like we were hitting the zone right when we faded out. Next time we go longer! A lot longer!

Gratitude to Lizo from HRC for the photo.

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