A big weekend for experimental music in Hanoi.

Wow Bob Wow, there’s a lot going on in Hanoi’s experimental music scene over the next few weeks! This weekend alone features at least four different shows that are all worth checking out. Some details and links on these shows can be found below, and check back in at Hanoise soon for more details on some exciting events coming up throughout the city in April, including Hanoi SoundStuff, the 2013 Hanoi Soundwalk and a couple of interesting film screenings by The Onion Cellar. Also keep an eye out soon for some info on DomDom (an NGO recently started by Kim Ngoc to create a hub for experimental art and music in Hanoi) and other exciting new groups and initiatives in the capital. In the meantime, check out DomDom here and here.

To quote our friends at Hanoi Rock City in their promo for Friday night’s Just Add Sound show:

“This show comes at a perfectly peaked moment – as collectives, venues and promoters across Hanoi such as The Onion Cellar, Hanoi Soundstuff, DomDom, CAMA ATK and ourselves at HRC are all working independently and collaboratively to drive forward an alternative underground electronic scene.

Artists, too, are working together on various innovative and sometimes spontaneous projects as well as finding time for their own introspective bedroom music, with thrilling and consistent results.

We cannot express enough how bold a time it is in the capital for alternative sound and music_art and performance.”

Exciting times for experimentalism in Hanoi! Here’s the rundown for this weekend…


Two very exciting musicians under one roof!

Two very exciting musicians under one roof. This is definitely a show to catch if you can.

Thursday, 28 March

One Man Nation + Luong Hue Trinh at CAMA-ATK, 9pm, 100k VND

From CAMA-ATK: Singaporean gender activist and sound artist One Man Nation will be performing in Hanoi at CAMA ATK together with Luong Hue Trinh as part of her latest Asian tour.

As an experimental transgender musician, One Man Nation’s life and work exists outside of norms. On the stage, the artists attempts to make analog mush from the use of several self-built piezo contact microphones. These pick up the ‘found sounds’ or mechanical sounds created through using instruments, such as button presses on the Monome computer interface, fader and knob movement on the midi controller, furniture noise caused by equipment moved during a performance, hand drumming, chair screeching from body movements and every other movement that is made.

Effectively One Man Nation is using the physical environment of the venue as an instrument and as a means to dissolve the line between performer and audience. Tables, chairs, drums, percussion, dolls, cymbals, shoes, sticks, necklaces and an endless array of found objects within a given venue have all been used by One Man Nation to bring the audience in to her world. The performances are always intense, vitriolic, even cathartic experiences that only those who were present can take anything away from.

Support will come from one of Hanoi’s most exciting young electronic talents, Luong Hue Trinh. Trinh’s atmospheric and painstakingly orchestrated works have been used in a number of art installations and have seen her perform twice at Hanoi’s showcase experimental music festival, Hanoi Soundstuff. She has recently started making waves abroad with her work being used in a San Francisco art exhibition and some concrete interest from a Hong Kong based record label looking to release her delicate compositions of textures and found sounds.

More info here and here.


Another excellent night of experimental music at Hanoi Rock City. HRC has really stepped up with these events recently, and this one should be just as exciting as the others.

Another excellent night of experimental music at Hanoi Rock City. HRC has really stepped up with these events recently, and this one should be just as exciting as the others.

Friday, 29 March

JUST ADD SOUND: Eric Boros + Solar Sound System; Luong Hue Trinh; jrg_one; Dan Henneberry; DEE.F and ZiLO; Blu Simon Wasem at Hanoi Rock City, 8:30pm, FREE ENTRY

From HRC: JUST ADD SOUND is an exciting night of electronic, live and experimental music bringing together a stirring collective of musicians who are presently pushing the fences and reshaping the music scene.


Current, relevant and cutting-edge independent artists based in Hanoi will be joined by international underground artist and member of French duo/collective Vialka, Eric Boros. The night incorporates performances by the artists, live visuals and will begin with a short documentary by Eric Boros on his Solar Soundsystem Project.

More info here and here.


Sebastien Gesell (photo by Lizo Glennard).

Sebastien Gesell (photo by Lizo Glennard).

ELECTRIC FRIENDS: Sebastien Gesell + Tri Minh + Vu Nhat Tan at CAMA-ATK, 9pm, FREE ENTRY

From CAMA-ATK: Celebrating Sebastien Gesell’s one year anniversary in Hanoi, his monthly meeting of electronic music lovers, Electric Friends has a very special line up.

Joining Sebastien will be two of Vietnam’s highest profile electronic musicians, Tri Minh – taking time out from putting together next month’s Hanoi Soundstuff Festival – and CAMA ATK regular Vu Nhat Tan.

Expect minimal house, techno, improvisation, collaboration and the unexpected.


More info here.


The pre-event to the biggest sound festival in Hanoi looks to be something worth checking out.

The pre-event to the big event is just as worth checking out as the main event.

Saturday, 30 March

HANOI SOUNDSTUFF FESTIVAL PRE-EVENT: Tri Minh + Bill Trong; Josh Kopeček; A.I.M.; Isaac (Future Shorts); jrg_one; Now that the Ground has Stopped Trembling (Dan + David) at Umbrella Club, 9pm, FREE ENTRY

The line-up is still in a bit of flux for this one but it should be pretty close to what I’ve listed above. This should be an exciting night of sounds and music ranging from out-there noise to minimal techno, all serving to warm Hanoi up for the Hanoi SoundStuff Festival organized by Tri Minh and coming our way on 12-13 April.

More info here and Umbrella Club details here.


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