Sounds for the weekend: Tri Minh and friends at Chula.

Tri Minh and friends at Chula tonight!

Tri Minh and friends at Chula on Saturday, 5 April.

Tri Minh and friends play a show at Chula tonight that looks to be very interesting and may focus on the more ambient side of electronic sounds. This is another pre-event for the Hanoi SoundStuff Festival taking place next weekend.

This should be a great show to catch if you can, especially if the music being made is anything like what’s going on in the two YouTube videos that Tri Minh posted recently from his home studio. Good stuff!

Also on this weekend is Pairs from Shanghai, a “dirty rock” band that played CAMA ATK last night and rock Madake on Xuan Dieu tonight. This duo is a little more rock-oriented than what’s usually featured on Hanoise, but they are from Shanghai so I’ve gotta give some props to a band from China passing through Hanoi, especially one that sounds as fun as this (I lived in Beijing for 8 years prior to moving to Hanoi).

Lots more coming up in the next couple of weeks, including the aforementioned Hanoi SoundStuff main events (April 12th and 13th), a couple of film screenings from The Onion Cellar at the Goethe Institute and the Hanoi Sound Walk on the afternoon of April 13th, another offshoot event of the festival.

In the meantime, enjoy the sounds below from Tri Minh and friends…

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