Weekend Decisions! Experiments. Tone Ripples. In the Moment. VNTG. At least four shows within 24 hours of each other. Now that’s choice!

Experiments at HRC, organized by The Onion Cellar.

Experiments at HRC, organized by The Onion Cellar.

This weekend sees at least four separate shows catering to the more alternative-minded in Hanoi. After a significant presence at the ASEAN music festival with their Videophonic Workshop, The Onion Cellar returns to the Red Room at Hanoi Rock City to again present a gripping mix of film projects and live performance on Friday evening. Across town at CAMA-ATK, a new group called The Tone Ripples (featuring friend of Hanoise Dan Henneberry among others) makes its debut performance with a sound that promises to be entirely “accessible and unusual.” Sounds good to me! As seems to be happening more often, it looks like you’ll have to make a choice between one or the other for Friday night. But choice is good! It’s certainly much better than the alternative, which is nothing.

Kim Ngoc and her new collective art and music organization Domdom welcome free-form improv saxophone player Lotte Anker to the city on Saturday. Anker returns to Vietnam after performing at the 2009 New Music Meeting in Hanoi. This show looks superb as it pairs her with a large host of improvisational musicians from Hanoi. I am absolutely gutted that I can’t make it to this performance as I have other plans I can’t get out of Saturday night, but I look forward to hearing reviews of the show. It shouldn’t be missed! Domdom have some very cool stuff happening in the Hanoi music and arts scene right now. Keep an eye open here for much more Domdom info in the near future!

Guess what? There’s even more choice for Saturday! Vu Nhat Tan Group performs at Hanoi Social Club on Saturday evening starting at 9pm. (VNTG just played at Manzi last night as well, so that’s at least FIVE shows within 48 hours if you’re keeping track.) Tan teams up with musician Nguyen Thuy Dung to explore different tracks and approaches to contemporary Vietnamese music.

Lots to choose from. Everyone reading this should go to at least one of them! Details on each performance can be found below. Keep on listening!

EXPERIMENTS. Organized by The Onion Cellar.

Hanoi Rock City. Friday, 24 May, 2013. 9pm. Free.

From The Onion Cellar: (We are) super excited to team up with HRC for an encore event for Onion Cellar’s Videophonic Workshop. Same concept. Different set up. Different dynamic. Different Films. The premiere of a new feature by DALIBOR BARIC – whose films were shown at the I AM THE COSMOS show last December + a showcase by pioneer artist PIPLOTTI RIST + a classic chain-reaction experiment. Film screenings will be followed by a live set from Domdom students Dee.F feat. Quân.

Info here and here.

The Tone Ripples make their debut at CAMA-ATK on Friday evening.

The Tone Ripples make their debut at CAMA-ATK on Friday evening.


CAMA-ATK. Friday, 24 May, 2013. 9pm. 50k VND.

From CAMA-ATK: The latest unusual offering from the Hanoi music scene is the Tone Ripples.

Made up of talented musicians from a host of countries, The Tone Ripples look set to sound like something only Hanoi could produce. Featuring Nguyen Thuy Dung on Dan Tranh, the UK’s Dan Henneberry on guitar and pedals, American Bill Badger on percussion and reclusive French bassist Arnau tying it all together, the group’s sound promises to be both accessable and entirely unusual.

Using the theme of ripples in all its associations with sound waves, causality, cultural mixing and Hanoi’s numerous lakes, the group stand a pretty good chance of being Hanoi’s next big thing.

Info here.

Lotte Anker and Hanoi Improvisers.

Lotte Anker and Hanoi Improvisers.


Hanoi Cheo Theatre. Saturday, 25 May, 2013. 8pm. Free.

Art Talk: Manzi, Sunday, 26 May, 2013. 7pm. Free.

From Domdom: Domdom presents the contemporary improvisation concert “In the moment” with performance of Danish artist Lotte Anker and Hanoi’s most prominent musicians and improvisers: Kim Ngọc, Sonx, Ngô Trà My, Dee. F, Nguyễn Hồng Quang, Gentle Ohm, Việt Hồng.

Known as one of the most significant improviser in the free-form/ improvisation/ new music/ experimental music in North Europe, Lotte Anker has come back to Vietnam after the festival Hanoi New Music Meeting 2009.

In this collaboration project with Vietnamese musicians and improvisers, Lotte Anker presents to us a music that will be based on absolute improvisation to celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sounds in a contemporary musical landscape.

In the moment is more than anything, the adventurous landscape of tradition and abstract modernism; traditional Vietnamese instruments and Western electronics; energetic, hardcore and fragile, deep.

One day after “In the moment” concert, Lotte Anke will have an art talk which focuses on contemporary improvisation and its relation with the audience.

Free entrance (please come on time, the door will be closed 15 mins after the concert starts).

Info here.

Vu Nhat Tan Group at Hanoi Social Club.

Vu Nhat Tan Group at Hanoi Social Club.


Hanoi Social Club. Saturday, 26 May, 2013. 9pm. 100k VND.

Art Talk: Manzi, Sunday, 26 May, 2013. 7pm. Free.

From Hanoi Social Club:

We are lucky enough to have Vietnam’s top experimental sound artist & electronic musician, Vu Nhat Tan playing at The Hanoi Social Club. Having collaborated with various local & international artists, and performed at many festivals throughout Europe, Australia, America & Singapore, Tan will once again bring some stellar sonic style (that’s alliteration, folks) to the streets.

For this event he will be teamed up with the ever awesome “đàn tranh” artist Nguyen Thuy Dung. Dung has started to make a name for herself through her genre-defying collaborations. Whether playing with African musicians, creating free-form experimental improvisations or filling floors alongside international DJs, Dung is constantly pushing the boundaries of what the traditional “đàn tranh” can do.

Come and listen to what happens when tradition and contemporary sounds meld together.

Tickets: 100,000 VND

PS: For some more info about Vu Nhat Tan and VNTG check this website.

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