Thursday+Friday gig double take. (a.k.a. “The Summer Solstice is over. Long live the summer!”)

I am away in Bangkok until early August but am hoping to keep Hanoise updated as regularly as possible throughout the summer with information about upcoming experimental/new music shows and happenings in Hanoi. If I miss anything or if you know if any events that deserve mention, please drop me a line either via email or in the comments below this or any post. Also, the sharing of any photos, recordings or reflections from any Hanoi shows this summer are both strongly encouraged and appreciated.

There are two shows coming up in the next couple of days promise to bend the ear.


You'll have to be there to find out.

You’ll have to be there to know.

The first is a performance organized at Manzi by Hanoi sound impresario Vu Nhat Tan. Billed under the title “How Does it Sound?”, the show features Tan performing alongside multi-instrumentalist Nguyen Van Thao. An exciting and late addition to the line up is Singaporean sound artist and improvisational musician Dennis Tan.



I’m not exactly sure what timbre and tone audiences are in for at this gig, but I’m guessing one can expect an improv set favoring a slightly noisier electronic approach combined with Thao’s stringed instrument elements. Although it’s unclear from the promotional press, I wouldn’t be surprised if the three artists join together for a final improvised jam at the end. At least, that’s what I’d be hoping for as a listener. More information on the gig and respective artists can be found here and here (courtesy Hanoi Grapevine).

8.15PM, Thursday, 27 June
At Manzi
Ticket 150k (including a free drink: one Hanoi beer or a soft drink)


How Gentle is Ohm? Find out.

How Gentle is Ohm? Find out.

The following evening, Josh Kopecek debuts his latest musical identity Gentle Ohm in a solo performance at CAMA ATK. Kopecek’s music integrates glitchy, odd-rhythm “manic electronic mash ups of irregular time signatures and samples of traditional Vietnamese music.” The music is both challenging and immediately gripping, drawing the listener in to a sonic assault that alternates between aggressive and ethereal. It feels simultaneously dangerous and comforting.

Gentle Ohm has scored a primo opening slot for the Zeni Geva + Ruins Alone show at the end of July, and this should be a great chance to get in on the ground floor with the latest identity to emerge in the Hanoi experimental scene. Here’s a bit more about the show and below are some samples of what to expect…

9PM, Friday, 28 June
Free Entry

Gentle Ohm

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