Hanoise round-up, early July edition.

Two follow-up bits to share regarding the gigs I wrote about earlier.

Dennis Tan performs at Manzi.

Dennis Tan performs at Manzi.

The first is an in-depth review of the “How Does It Sound?” show at Manzi organized by Vu Nhat Tan. Tan has begun writing show reviews for Hanoi Grapevine and here are his thoughts on the show which featured himself, One Man Band and Dennis Tan. The review is in Vietnamese but you can get a good-enough translation of it to English using the translate function in Google Chrome or elsewhere. (Which reminds me…I’m looking forward to providing some Vietnamese-language content on Hanoise starting later this summer or early fall. A Hanoise street team is currently being assembled to help out with this…stay tuned!)

Tan plans on writing these features for Grapevine regularly, so check in there (or keep an eye out here as I’ll certainly be linking to them.)

The second item to share is a comprehensive photo album of the recent DomDom show titled Mystic Echo. All of the photos were taken by Lizo Glennard, and a million thanks to her for allowing me to share them here. Keep an eye out for what DomDom is up to…the organization is truly trailblazing forward for new music in Vietnam. With its foundation firmly rooted experimental veteran Kim Ngoc’s hands and its enthusiastic embrace of new and upcoming Vietnamese artists, DomDom stands as a central pillar in Hanoi’s improv scene.

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