Thursday Night Choices: Silence or Romance?

This Thursday night brings another tough choice for the experimentally inclined listener in Hanoi with two events competing for your attention. It’s that good-bad conundrum again. (The good? Two shows! The bad? They’re on at the same time.)

Bring the silence.

Bring the silence.

First up is another intriguing and refreshingly challenging evening curated by The Onion Cellar titled Silence Teaches You How to Sing. The Onion Cellar transforms the upstairs Red Room at Hanoi Rock City into its literal namesake, the Red Room from the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks (at least that’s what I’m gathering from publicity material I’m reading). Anyone who has known me for more than five minutes knows I’m a David Lynch junkie and a massive Twin Peaks fan, so the setting alone is enough to bring me in.

Part film screening, part music performance, part meditative commune, this show is bound to provide some with a transcendental experience and likely to completely confound others, particularly those souls who will have stumbled into HRC without knowledge of the program. The curators are aiming for an evening of pure, unadulterated silence inside the Red Room. That’s almost as much of a draw for me as the Twin Peaks setting. A night’s reprieve from fools who chatter incessantly during other people’s performance is a welcome thing indeed. Any chance of implementing this on a regular basis, at least for experimental shows? One can always hope.

Here’s the rundown for the evening’s performances:

Christina Vantzou’s No.1: film screening (official Vietnam premiere)
Sebastien Gesell: quiet minimalism DJ set
Mathias Rossignol: atmospheric sound collages

YOU: talkless, shoeless, floor-sitting, mind-cleansing, being.

More information here.

Silence Teaches You How to Sing: Sebastien Gesell, Mathias Rossignol, Christina Vantzou (film) at Hanoi Rock City, Thursday, 29 August, 50k / 20k (student)

Vu Nhat Tan performs at Manzi.

Vu Nhat Tan at Manzi.

Across town, Vu Nhat Tan brings a “very chilled-out night of experimental music” at Manzi on Thursday titled The Romance of High Tech. Tan brings his combination of electric piano, laptop and MIDI controllers for a  solo performance in the art cafe/bar.

Manzi is a nice venue for these kinds of laid back shows, especially once the weather begins to turn in the fall. Don’t sweat the summer heat, though…Manzi will give you a free beer with the purchase of a ticket to this one. More details here.

The Romance of High Tech: Vu Nhat Tan at Manzi, Thursday, 29 August, 8:30pm  150k (incl. a free Hanoi beer)

FInally, Vu Nhat Tan’s series of music event reviews continues in the opinion section over at Hanoi Grapevine. His most recent piece is a review of Luong Hue Trinh’s excellent cải lương show at CAMA-ATK two weeks ago. Check out the English version here and Vietnamese version here.

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