Three Questions with Dee.F and Space 360.

I shot three questions to Space 360 and Dee.F in anticipation of Friday’s experimental electronic show at HRC. Here’s what they had to say. One long response, one short and sweet, both hold the promise of an exciting show.




What can the audience expect from the show?

Experimental Electronic Trung Thu (EETT) this year is the first event (hopefully will be an annually held event) that is showcasing local musicians / artists who are producing work in electronic music field.

Audiences can expect an evening with an eclectic selection of electronic music ranging from experimental ambient, electronica, IDM to techno. The curation of the show is crafted carefully so that the audiences will have more rooms to take their own imaginations into the sonic musical journey.

How could this show be different than other shows in the past that you’ve performed?

For me personally, unlike other experimental shows that I’ve performed before, this show will push the intensive sometimes meditative yet hypnostised perspectives of experimental music into something more upbeat, club feel.

Why do you think it’s a good line up for a show?

EETT has a special guest for this year, Space360, whose first appearance in Hanoi was at Hanoi Sound Stuff festival in 2010. He is one of the most leading musicians in Thais electronic and experimental field. This time will make his third performance at HRC. It would be interesting to see / hear the new sounds that he has constantly developed from his own paths since then.

This line up also shows some new faces in town for electronic music scene: Quân and Duy. The pairs are no doubt some of the most interesting new music in Hanoi. Quân made his first debut at HRC with an electronica set entirely powered by 02 x 12AX7EH, set that warm tone for his sound. Duy on top of that adds the final touch on the off/on beats ambient weirdness.

EETT would not have its depth without the experimental ambient sound from Luong Hue Trinh. What you always find in her sound is not just the elements of Vietnamese traditional sound but also how they can move within and beyond the constant measures of Vietnamese traditional music.

Cot.4 to some extents is probably the first live techno band in Vietnam, an alter ego from Dee.F, who considers that techno can be played live and can have so much fun by experimenting the basics of techno mixed with live instruments, in this case, a trumpet.

Warming up for the night will be a DJ set from Nate.B

Space 360.

Space 360.

Space 360

“For this time I’ve made a new set for Hanoi. It is more complicate but people can enjoy it! People who come to this show will be see a different kind of live electronic music and how to set up live electronic music in many ways.”

See you there!

Hanoi Rock City and delicate presents…
Space360 Live in Hanoi !!
The Night of Experimental Music and Live Electronic Music //
Friday, 13 September at Hanoi Rock City Hanoi  TIX: 100K (50% off before 7pm)

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