Saturday in the park. Concert “Siestes Électroniques”

Apologies for the last-minute notice of the rescheduled “Siestes Électroniques” concert. It’s on this afternoon at Reunification Park and features experimental electronic music from Vietnam and France.

Artists include Vincent Moon, who is also running a workshop with The Onion Cellar next week, ethnic minority music field recording artist Laurent Jeanneau and 8-bit sonic terrorist Jean Nipon.

Representing the Vietnamese scene are Vu Nhat Tan (Hanoi) and Nguyen Hong Giang (HCMC).

Looks like a great way to spend a free afternoon in the park…for free!

Blurb blatantly stolen from Hanoi Grapevine below (thanks HG!)…

Hanoi: Sat 19 Oct 2013, 3 pm – 6 pm
Independence Park

From L’Espace and French Embassy:

Let’s wander around the park, lean against a chair or lie down on grass, closes your eyes and discover sounds and world music.

“Siestes Électroniques” (Electronic Naps) is a special program, developed in 2011 in Quai Branly Museum to enhance the value of Sound Heritage which is extremely rich.The concert wish to convey this value to a diverse audience in the hope that they can understand and appreciate the historical and cultural benefit of the sound treasure.

This is an event for experimental music which is adventurous and daring. However, experimental music is not necessarily electronic and contemporary music. Let’s forget about busy lives, pause for a second and open up your heart to enjoy the magical music. The mixture of electronic music, experimental music as well as Vietnam traditional music will enable the audience to relax and experience.

Attending artists:

French guest artists:

• Vincent Moon

Well-known with La Blogothèque netizens, Vincent Moon is famous for “take-away” concert (actually it is a video podcast), this idea has been implemented successfully by other people.

• Laurent Jeanneau

For more than 10 years, Laurent Jeanneau has continuously discovered the music of ethnic minority groups and recorded on fields to mix with electronic and acoustic elements.

Watch more at:

• Jean Nipon

Jean Nipon, musician who creates thousands of sounds (8-bit with Teamtendo, breakcore with DJ Ai, Techno with Karat, more complex sound with Institubes, eclectic with Régine,…).

Watch more at:

Vietnamese guest artists

• Vu Nhat Tan

Vu Nhat Tan is Vietnam’s top experimental sound artist & electronic musician, one of the best students of The Vietnam National Academy of Music. He has won many awards in Vietnam, Europe and Australia. Tan has performed with various sound artists and has played in Germany, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Bangkok and Singapore.

Watch more at:

• Nguyen Hong Giang

The young musician from HCMC, since 2009, has explored the buzzing sound of electronic music under the pseudonym of Writher. During that time, he also participates in a post-rock project called Time Keeper. He has published album every 6 months and each of his compositions is posing new challenges for aesthetic today.

Watch more at:

Free entrance.



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